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All of Tellico Village neighborhoods provide ideal locations for a new retirement home.

A breathtaking location, outstanding amenities, exciting lifestyle, and a home of your choice will help you understand why “it’s better at Tellico Village.” Purchase an existing home, buy an available lot and build your dream house or find a villa or town home to start experiencing everything that is special about our community. Tellico Village homes and lots can fit everyone’s price range. Your new home will be close to a range of retail, professional and commercial businesses including first class healthcare services.  Tellico Village has eight neighborhoods located in two adjacent counties. Seven are situated in Loudon County (ZIP 37774): Coyatee; Tommotley; Tanasi; Chota; Toqua; Chatuga and Mialaquo. The eighth neighborhood is located in Monroe County (ZIP 37885): Kahite which is 15 minutes from the southern border of the Loudon County section of the Village.

All of the community’s neighborhoods and streets carry Native American names. For centuries, East Tennessee was dominated by the Cherokees. The legendary Cherokee, Sequoyah, was born minutes from the Village. Sequoyah is revered, because he is the first Native American to create a reading and writing system for his people.

The Sequoyah Birthplace Museum honors the spot of his birth and features a range of informative exhibits and stages a variety of events throughout the year. More information is available via this link: http://www.sequoyahmuseum.org/

In the mid-80s when Cooper Communities, Inc. was looking to name the neighborhoods and streets in its new Tellico Village development, because of the historical presence of the Cherokees, it was only logical for the company to give these areas and throughfares Native American names.

All of Tellico Village neighborhoods are easily accessible to Knoxville and other large southeastern urban centers. Tellico Village neighborhoods foster the concept of being of where “friends become family”. You really need to live in a Tellico Village neighborhood to truly appreciate the meaning of this statement.


A community run by its residents, for the benefit of its residents, Tellico Village is guided by an eight-person, volunteer property owner’s association that collaborates on strategic direction.


Tellico Village is constantly winning quality-of-life awards and special recognitions from national active adult community organizations and media.

34. The Lake views at the tanasi clubhouse are breathtaking

History of Tellico Village

Since 1987, when our first home site sold, to today, with more than 9,000 residents living here year-round, we’ve experienced carefully managed growth, building a welcoming community.

Boating on Tellico Lake


Moving into a new home in a new place requires research and consideration, which is why we’ve put together a list of answers to our most frequently asked questions. It’s a great place to start.

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