How to Select a Home Builder

How To Select A Custom Home Builder

A popular option for many of Tellico Village’s newest property owners is to build a new home in the community. It’s their retirement home and, often, their dream home.

While the steps to finding the right Tellico Village home builder for your construction project are not complicated, it is potentially time-consuming. New property owners who initiated a thorough vetting process often have a higher degree of satisfaction with their completed home, because they found and selected the right home builder for them.

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Where To Start

Before speaking with a Village home builder, determine what type of home you want to build. Single-floor ranch-style home? A home with a walkout basement? Identifying how many square feet you might need; a price range and an expected construction time frame would be helpful information to share with your prospective builder.

You can start with the Tellico Village Home Builder Guild (TVHBG). * These are local builders who have constructed numerous homes in the community and are in good standing with the Architectural Control Committee (i.e. builders do not have any outstanding code violations, complying with the standards outlined in the community’s residential construction Blue Book, etc.) The Architectural Control Committee is the Village entity that will approve your building plans.

Although the TVHBG listing is a good place to start. Incidentally, you are not required to build with a firm from the listing. You can select a different builder from inside or outside the community or act as an owner-builder if you feel qualified.

Steps To Selecting Your Builders

1) Select Your Candidates

It is advisable to select at least three candidate home builders. Interview each candidate to learn about their level of expertise, the familiarity of building in the Village and on the terrain in East Tennessee. Furthermore, investigate what processes and vendors they will use in building your Tellico Village home.

2) Ask To See Completed Home Builds

Ask each candidate to show you either completed homes or houses they are currently building to gain an appreciation of the builder’s craftsmanship. Inquire when each of the homes was started and when the project was or is scheduled to be completed to help you realize how.

3) Request References

Request at least three references from Villagers who have built with each candidate. Question each of these references, finding out what they liked and did not like about their building experience with each of your prospective home builders. If you already own a Tellico Village lot, when visiting your new neighborhood, speak with your neighbors about their home building experiences to gather additional points of view.

4) Start Building Your Dream Home At Tellico Village!

In the end, after you have concluded your due diligence, choose the home builder best suited for your project. Someone you genuinely like believes you can form a strong working relationship with a person you can truly trust with this special emotional and monetary investment.

Additional information on home building in Tellico Village is available on the Frequently asked questions page.

*Note: The Tellico Village Home Builders Guild (TVHBG) is a group of Greater Knoxville area home builders that have elected to participate in a paid marketing and advertising program offered by TVPOA. TVPOA’s inclusion of any home builder in TVHBG or reference to any home builder in any related promotional materials does not constitute or imply an endorsement, recommendation, or favoring of any home builder by TVPOA. All home builders participating in TVHBG are independently owned and operated businesses and TVPOA does not guarantee or warranty the quality of any labor or materials provided by such home builders to their customers. Accordingly, TVPOA shall not be held liable for any claims or damages arising from any labor or materials provided by participating TVBHG home builders.

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