Tellico Village is a resident-run community. A seven-person Board of Directors is elected on staggered terms to develop the policies, procedures and long-term strategy for the Village. The Board hires and manages a Chief Executive Officer who oversees a staff of 180 people with 117 of those positions being full-time and the balance being either part-time of seasonal workers.

The Tellico Village Property Owners Association (TVPOA) staff works across seven departments:

  • Administration
  • Architectural Control
  • Finance
  • Food Service
  • Golf
  • Parks and Recreation
  • Public Works

A mix of full, part-time and seasonal work is generally available in many of the seven departments.


This department contains the offices of the Chief Executive, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Development, Marketing and Communication Officer, Chief Financial Officer and Director of Human Relations.

Architectural Control

The Architectural Control Office (ACC) is where property owners obtain permit information relating to building projects in Tellico Village. Permits are required for new homes and all types of exterior building projects. The department has an administrative staff and code enforcers to oversee the proper execution of the issued permits.


Each year the TVPOA budget is established by a Board of Directors. The Finance department is charge with administrating the budget under the direction of the Chief Financial Officer. A finance report is presented to the Board at its monthly meeting. Budget adjustments are made as necessary throughout the year.

Food Service

The four restaurants in the Tellico Village – the Yacht Club, Tanasi, Toqua and Kahite – are advised and managed by Awe Hospitality under contract with the TVPOA. Positions include wait and kitchen staff as well as managerial roles.


The community’s three championship golf courses are headed by a Director of Golf. There is a lead pro at all three courses and pro shop support staff. Each course has a director of maintenance and a grounds crew. The grounds crew are a major source of seasonal work.

Parks and Recreation

The Director of Parks and Recreation and department staff oversees three fitness activity centers, three tennis complexes, two-outdoor pools, a 12-court pickleball complex and more than 30 miles of hiking and walking trails in the Village.

Public Works

The Public Works Department is the Village’s largest operational center and is managed by the Director of Public Works. All streets, drainage, common property and snow removal issues are overseen by the Street Department. Water or sewer issues are managed by the Water/Sewer Department. Other concerns including street lights, common docks, grounds keeping, building maintenance and special projects fall under the purview of Public Works.

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