Cost Of Living

Tellico Village residents enjoy a high standard of living at an exceptionally low cost.

The benefits of this low cost of living are evident to Tellico Village residents who enjoy an outstanding lifestyle with a minimal impact on their retirement savings. Much of this has to do with the limited or low taxes placed on Tennesseans.

Rooftop view of Knoxville's Market Square.

Knoxville is perennially chosen as one of the country’s most affordable cities.

Breathtaking View of Tellico Village Properties

Cost Summary

  • No state income tax;
  • No state estate tax;
  • No personal property taxes (The state does not tax your cars, boats, jet skis, etc.);
  • Low gasoline, diesel fuel and tobacco taxes;
  • Lowest per capita property taxes in the country;
  • Sales tax of 9% (Basically, a consumption tax; The total sales tax varies by county.)

Combine this low tax situation with a community that stresses financial solvency, and you have a winning location. Tellico Village is a wonderful place for active adults who want to concentrate on enjoying this phase of their life unencumbered by financial concerns.

Tellico Village’s monthly assessment includes membership to our community centers, over 15 miles of hiking trails, all three of the private championship golf courses, use of the Tugaloo Family Beach, use of three pavilions, three clubhouses and Yacht Club. There are no additional initiation fees and no monthly spending minimums. Assessments are the same for all residents and presently are less than $160 per month. The Village offers potential residents an assortment of existing homes and buildable lots at varying price levels.

Throughout its history, Tellico Village has benefited from careful management of its resources and strong strategic planning. The result is one of the most financially sound and stable active adult communities in the nation.

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